Do I already know you?

I'm afraid I'm not taking on any new clients for a while. This is so I can get on top of my todo list and continue to provide good service to all my existing clients. If we've done business before then nothing has changed, you can still call any time, I'm just not accepting anyone new for the time being. Cheers, Roger

E17 Computer repair


E17 Laptop repair


E17 Virus removal


E17 Data recovery


E17 Screen Repair

If that's what you're searching for then search no futher, you're in the right place! Welcome to, my name is Roger Heathcote (BSc), General Technician and I can help you with all those things and more.

Based in Lloyd Park, Walthamstow E17

I have been providing patient, friendly on-site & off-site technical services to both individuals and businesses around North London since 2005. Whether you need your broken laptop screen replacing, advice on what to buy (and what not to!) or just a little help using Windows or OSX I'm just round the corner and available daytimes, evenings and weekends.

How does it work?

I can come to you (charged hourly), you can come to me (estimate/quote) or I can use remote control software to help you via the internet, whatever suits you best. I live at the Lloyd Park end of Walthamstow E17 5BW and I have no callout fee to addresses in the E17 area. All repair work is no-fix-no-fee and warrantied. I am a polite and friendly person and I am proud to serve all of London's many and varied communities. Here are some testimonials and here are my rates. Simply call 0208 806 5407 to make an appointment or scroll down to the bottom of this page to send me a message.

What services do I offer?

Computer stuff mostly but I'm a lifelong technology enthusiast so you can ask me about pretty much anything technical. If it uses electricity the chances are I can help and if I can't I can probably point you in the direction of someone who can. In addition to repairing Windows computers (and even Macs and Linux if you ask nice ;) I am also well versed in General IT, Networking, Programming, Web Design and Audio / Video technology so if you need a bit advice, consultancy or tutoring just ask. More details here.

How much will it cost?

My prices are way better than PC World & Comet's "Knowhow" who want £50 to even take a look at your laptop EVEN IF you already subscribe to their "Whatever Happens" service! That's also up front and non-refundable by they way. I guess in this case "whatever happens" means Knowhow get paid "whatever happens"! Don't even get me started on what they will try to charge you for parts or any of the horror stories or dozens of one star reviews:/

I'm also conspicuously better value than The Geek Squad - who's "agents" aren't able to fix any computer hardware at all, only phones! What they actually do is cherry pick a handfull of the simplest and most lucrative computer jobs, try like hell to upsell you on one of their "plans" with no guarantees and hope you are charmed enough by their "quirky" marketing bollocks to swallow it. As for the jobs they do generously offer to do, they won't do them in your home any more, you'll have to lug your stuff over to a branch of Carphone Warehouse to get it looked at these days. Finally I'd always be dubious about prices starting with the word "from", especially if they don't give any further clarification of those prices anywhere else on their website.

From time to time the local computer shops might manage to match my prices however I'm confident none of them can beat the quality of service I provide. Also I've lost count of the tales of woe people have told me about their local computer shops prior to our meeting so let me be absolutely clear here...

I Roger Heathcote hereby pledge that...

  1. I will never lose your files.
  2. I will never install shady / pirate software on your computer.
  3. I will never take kickbacks to recommend particular products.

Special Sauce...

I also offer some services (subject to availablity) that I'm fairly sure are unique, certainly in this area...

Call 0208 806 5407 now to get all your technology running smoothly for a very reasonable cost, or leave me a message in the message box below.